Ken Borgers

Ken Borgers

Local Host, All Things Considered


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Metropolis playlist, January 15, 2022.

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In "Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America," the documentary filmmakers Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler conjure with surprising concepts--including the weight of cotton--to…

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Earl Sweatshirt continues to create music on his own terms, defying the expectations of what a lyricist should sound like.

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David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for January 17, 2022.

KCRW's all-music channel blending the collected talents and tastes of all KCRW's DJs into a single voice streaming 24 hours a day.

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A balanced diet of indie grooves, modern psych, alternative R&B and straight up rock and roll.

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José Galván guest hosts Freaks Only.

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David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for January 18, 2022.

New releases in all genres.

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