Kimberli Meyer

Director of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture


Director of the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, based in West Hollywood, California

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Ebooks and the iPad: A Match for the Coffee Table Book

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The Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority released this year's homeless count today. It shows a 12% increase in L.A.

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The first round of Emmy voting began earlier this week, and we're starting to get the lay of the land.

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Hundreds of thousands of folks in the LGBTQ community will party and parade in West Hollywood in the name of equality this weekend.

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Last week, 'Jeopardy!' was in the headlines as contestant James Holzhauer ended his epic streak on the show.

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Y ou're invited to one of the most important rituals a high school has to offer: prom.

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Should you have the right to hasten your own execution?

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When people get in their cars in LA, one of the first things they do is type a destination into a smartphone. Millions of people worldwide use GPS.

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The daughter of Mexican migrant field workers is now an engineer at Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She dreams of being an astronaut and visiting Mars.

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By messing with the largest and one of the highest functioning health care systems in the nation we are putting our vet’s health at risk.

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