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The Hollywood Year to Be

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That Was the Hollywood Year That Was!

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B.J. Novak knows a thing or two about comedic writing. He spent a lot of time in the writers’ room and starred as Ryan Howard on NBC’s hit series “The Office.”

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Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav shocks the movie industry once again by shelving the nearly-completed $90-milion film “Batgirl.” What does this mean for the company’s future?

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has released its first images that show stars and galaxies never before seen. Some are believed to be more than 4 billion years old.

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After almost an eight-year hiatus, actor Jenny Slate and director Dean Fleischer-Camp are bringing their lovable Marcel the Shell back to life.

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Actress and author Selma Blair talks about her multiple sclerosis, addiction struggles, and sexual assault.

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The airline industry is seeing a whiplash in demand following COVID, says Laurie Garrow , who studies air mobility at Georgia Tech. She offers advice for traveling during peak summer.

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The slow return of performing arts is threatening the existence of some small theaters in the North Hollywood Arts District.

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This week on The Treatment, Elvis sits down with Emmy-winning actress Maya Rudolph, who currently stars in the Apple TV+ series “Loot.”

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One reporter visited 10 of the most popular grocery stores in LA and found dramatic differences in prices for goods such as bread, avocados and coffee.

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