Levi Bridges

Audio Producer

Audio producer currently based in Moscow, Russia.  

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The Pac-12 conference has decided to postpone all sporting events for the rest of the year. That means no soccer, volleyball or football.

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California’s long history of mass incarceration may have finally reached an inflection point.

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One executive order President Trump signed over the weekend aims to give Americans an extra $400 per week during the pandemic.

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This week on The Treatment, Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Oliver Stone sits down with host Elvis Mitchell to discuss his new memoir, ‘Chasing the Light,’ which covers the…

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LA-based artist Aalok Bala has a forthcoming debut EP on the horizon that’s both celestial and earthy.

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Berlin schools reopened this week amid fears of a second COVID-19 wave, with about 370,000 students returning to the classroom.

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California has around 21,000 licensed architects, and 300 of them are Black. SoCalNOMA hopes to change that. Also, computer engineer William English made the mouse a reality.

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However, moving forward, HBM will continue as an independent production, and no longer be distributed through the KCRW feed.

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Elizabeth Wetmore’s “Valentine” is an impressive demonstration of the power of the voices of women.

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