Lina Khan

Policy analyst and reporter, New America Foundation


Policy analyst and reporter for the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan public policy think tank

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Stores are starting to tap into big data in a major way.

Big Data in Stores

Stores are starting to tap into big data in a major way.

from Press Play with Madeleine Brand

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In the new documentary “The Ghost of Peter Sellers,” director Peter Medak revisits the nightmarish production of his 1974 film, “Ghost in the Noonday Sun.”

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This decision to leave the WHO is among the most irresponsible the president has made and will negatively impact not only American lives but people in every corner of the world.

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise in Southern California, there’s no telling when live music performances will come back.

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When the going gets weird, put on a mask, and revel in it.

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Good Food is taking the day to reflect on the word “independence.”

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The Los Angeles City Council has come under ramped-up scrutiny following ongoing protests for racial justice.

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Josh Barro, Megan McArdle and Dorian Warren talk about the coronavirus response, the end of the Supreme Court term and the visit of the Mexican president.

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In conversation with Robert Scheer, Ron Kovic and Maj. Danny Sjursen examine their roles in our nation's bloody trajectory since the Vietnam War.

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John C. Fremont was instrumental in California becoming a state. He was one of the first two senators. He was the first Republican candidate for president in 1856.

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