Lonnie White

former Wide Receiver, USC


Senior NCAA writer at FanHouse.com and author of UCLA vs. USC: 75 Years of the Greatest Rivalry in Sports; former wide receiver for USC (1982-1986), he still holds its kick-off return record

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First, it's been a historic day for the PAC-10 Athletic Conference in more ways than one.

USC Slapped with Sanctions over Gifts to Players

First, it's been a historic day for the PAC-10 Athletic Conference in more ways than one.

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The Hollywood Bowl celebrates its centennial this July. KCRW looks at its origin story and legacy in LA. Listeners also share their favorite experiences there.

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Many gas stations in LA are charging over $6 per gallon for regular unleaded gas. AAA says the national average is $4.86 . Why are Southern Californians paying so much more?

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Rufus Wainwright will play at The Ford Theatre in LA on June 14 to perform songs from his new album: “Rufus Does Judy at Capitol Records.”

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New drought restrictions limit millions of Southern Californians to watering their yards once or twice weekly. Cemeteries are looking for ways to avoid turning brown.

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Greater LA’s special series closely looks at changing neighborhoods across Southern California. Episode two of “Born & Razed” focuses on Oxnard.

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Homelessness is a problem as old as the state itself, and exploiting the issue to score ideological points doesn’t get anyone off the street, says Joe Mathews.

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California has the highest gas prices in the nation, and a $0.03 per gallon tax increase will kick in this July. Lawmakers keep debating whether to suspend the gas tax or give rebates.

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The House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol is holding the first in a series of what's expected to be 6 public hearings.

Panelists discuss the recent Supreme Court rulings on the environment and abortion, and this week’s shocking testimony from the latest witness in the House Select Committee hearings on…

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