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Freelance journalist covering the fashion industry.

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Diamonds are a finite resource, so companies like De Beers are learning to make their own diamonds.

Diamonds are not forever: The diamond market turns to synthetics

Diamonds are a finite resource, so companies like De Beers are learning to make their own diamonds.

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Nearly 50,000 academic workers from the University of California are on strike. They want more than double their salaries, plus subsidies for housing, child care, and transportation.

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A decade ago, about 200,000 Californians lived in areas where they were exposed to extreme smoke. By 2020, 4.5 million did.

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Author Zachary Karabell pleads that despite the militaristic noise, China and the U.S. share an economic dependency that would rupture the domestic economy of both nations if severed.

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Alec Baldwin and “Rust” producers settle a lawsuit with cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ family. The film will resume production, and her husband will take an EP role.

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California breeders are designing the world’s best cannabis strains and flavors in this year’s Croptober harvest.

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