Marilyn Cohon

Santa Monica Homeowners Association


Vice President of the Westwood South of Santa Monica Homeowners Association

Marilyn Cohon on KCRW

A Bikelash in the Car Capital of the World

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People should not deliberately try to catch Omicron and get it over with, as there’s no way to predict the severity of COVID infections, says Dr. Jose Mayorga of UC Irvine.

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The Biden administration plans to send at-home COVID tests to Americans who ask for one. Clinical microbiologist Susan Butler-Wu shares how effective they are.

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President Biden opened his Summit for Democracy on Thursday. Commentator Joe Matthews says California’s invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently sent his staff a memo outlining three “strategic pillars” that will “set the stage” for the company’s future. What do they really mean?

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Josh Barro’s final episode as host of Left, Right & Center

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A doctor from San Bernardino County explains how he’s handling another COVID surge as the Omicron variant spreads, and how he talks to vaccine skeptics.

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More than 700 people face federal charges for storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

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Twitter Spaces launched last spring and soon attracted anti-vaxxers, white supremacists, and ISIS recruiters.

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If you’re skeptical about gathering with unvaccinated family members over the holidays, a clinical psychologist offers suggestions to help avoid uncomfortable confrontations.

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