Mark Rothman

Friends of Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

Director of the U.S. Campaign for the Friends of Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

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Rocktober continues in and around Southern California. We'll see you out there!

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Trump’s sometimes, maybe lawyer Rudy Giuliani clearly needs an attorney himself as the investigations involving the former New York City mayor mount.

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Listen to the ethereal and powerful new track by chamber-pop artist Taali featuring  José James.

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Leisure sounds like they were born on the beaches of their native New Zealand. They set up shop in makeshift recording rooms and let the ideas flow.

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Shannon James has a full-time job as a dock worker at the Port of Long Beach.

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Exploring Berlin's influence on Techno, Electro and left field culture.

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Sometimes the “inauthentic” can lead to delicious results. Just ask Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying about Japanese diner food. Chef Josef Centeno says Tex-Mex is premised on inauthenticity.

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KCRW invites you to an advance screening of Motherless Brooklyn from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Pan Caliente premieres the new supergroup project LOCOBEACH. Their sound is equal parts Cumbia, Latin Disco and Psychedelic rock.

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