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Los Angeles County will undergo a major voting system overhaul.

LA County Will Get a Voting System Makeover

Los Angeles County will undergo a major voting system overhaul.

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Last November's Woolsey Fire burned down hundreds of homes in LA and Ventura counties.

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Your questions about impeachment, and more

Ninety years ago this August, 20 women pilots flew from Santa Monica to Ohio in nine days. It was the first all women's national air race.

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Will mass shootings become part of America’s background noise?   That’s an ugly prospect raised by the deaths of 34 people this week in Texas, Ohio and California.

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The City of LA wants to create more housing by encouraging Angelenos to build "accessory dwelling units."

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LA Metro is considering plans for the Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project, which aims to build public transit options that would connect the San Fernando Valley to the Westside in a…

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Table setting is one of the most exciting competitions at the Ventura County Fair. Newly elected LA City Councilman John Lee shares his plans around homelessness and transportation.

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Orange County Democrats are celebrating a victory that seemed almost impossible 10 years ago.

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Scientists hope to reduce whale fatalities from ship collisions.

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