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Nearly 200 people were released today from a two-week quarantine in Riverside.

Coronavirus: What it’s like being quarantined in Riverside

Nearly 200 people were released today from a two-week quarantine in Riverside.

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The coronavirus pandemic exposes collapsing medical systems around the world, as well as weaknesses  with health care in the United States.

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Rich, poor, housed, or unhoused, the coronavirus has touched every population. One of the oldest organizations in Los Angeles helping those in need is the Union Rescue Mission.

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Doctors have a moral, ethical and legal duty to inform patients of their medical results.  But, do patients have a right to NOT be told crucial medical information?

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The novel coronavirus pandemic is a daily reminder of how quickly life can change.

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It’s high time to book that summer vacation, but what options for leisure travel are there in the time of a pandemic? Is it even safe to travel domestically or internationally?

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Gov. Gavin Newsom revised California’s budget down to $203 billion Thursday as the coronavirus pandemic batters the state with record job losses and shortfalls.

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California Surgeon General Dr. Nadine Burke Harris talks about the latest science behind trauma, and how toxic stress can literally change our brains, our immune systems and our genes.

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