Michael Haynie

Syracuse University


Vice Chancellor at Syracuse University, and Director of its Institute for Veterans and Military Families

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Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

From War to Work: Vets, Jobs and the Stigma of the Wounded Warrior

Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

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Dr. Nathan Link explains how the medical science of decision-making has lots to offer America’s leaders.

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This week, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to move forward with removing armed police from responding to nonviolent 911 calls in the City of LA.

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Many Californians are nervous about mail-in voting. How do they know if they signed in the right place, and will their signatures be recognized?

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President Trump told Americans in late January that the government was ready for coronavirus. In an interview with CNBC, on the day Seattle recorded the first U.S.

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T he Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to debate and vote on the president’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The debate starts at 6 a.m. PT.

There are millions of eligible voters in America, including 8 million in California alone.

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Josh Barro speaks to new panelists Christine Emba and Tim Carney about the night of two town halls, Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing and an epidemiologist’s take on schools.

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It was the last debate of the campaign, and it was less crazy than the last one. NBC’s Kristen Welker kept it on lockdown with some help from a mute button.

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Commentator Joe Mathews remembers Jim Ho and Leondra Kruger as high school friends and co-editors of the school newspaper during their days at Polytechnic High School in Pasadena.