Michael Stajura

Army veteran


Doctoral candidate at the UCLA School of Public Health; Army veteran who served from to 1995 to 2002

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Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

From War to Work: Vets, Jobs and the Stigma of the Wounded Warrior

Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

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The CDC says it’s not a question of “if” the coronavirus will spread to the U.S., but “when.” Officials say they don’t yet know whether it will be a mild or severe outbreak.

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Amid the novel coronavirus spreading, stocks are plunging, an infected cruise ship is docking, and people are stocking up on toilet paper.

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How are Angelenos who rely on buses and trains feeling about coronavirus? What are LA Metro officials doing to ensure that passengers are safe?

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will likely mean crowded hospitals, school closings and shuttered workplaces. It could even lead to a global recession.

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The lifelong activist often adopted radical positions on a number of issues, including war and the environment, a new book reveals.

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How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting our judicial system?

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