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Founder of the Michele Robertson Company, which specializes in public relations for studios, movies and filmmakers

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Oscar Race in the Final Stretch

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It takes a long time for “Captain Marvel” to focus its force fields.

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One man’s treasure is another man’s Olympic gold medal.

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I talk about the worst pitch I ever heard about, which involved a basketball, hot coffee, and a writer with bad aim.

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In Yiyun Li’s Where Reasons End, a mother discovers a place where she can talk to her son who committed suicide.

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“The Mustang” starts with a good idea and makes it better—an incorrigible prison inmate learns to tame his own wild rages by taming, and training, a wild mustang.

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With Disney's acquisition of most of 20th Century Fox expected to be officially complete any day now, what does the future look like for the assets that will remain under the control…

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Edward Goldman talks about two exhibitions that break the rules.

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Almost every residential development in downtown aims to attract pet owners, and doggie businesses outnumber those aimed at children.

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A candidate's political logo may not get your vote, but it's meant to get your attention.

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