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Cities nationwide have erupted in anguish and protest after police recently took the lives of African Americans: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and  Ahmaud Arbery.

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In a new book, journalist Vincent Bevins traces the Cold War massacres in Asia and Latin America that still define global political dynamics today.

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Santa Barbara has shut its main downtown road, State Street, to cars.

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By refusing to go to school, students could make a loud statement about California’s spending priorities, says  Zocalo commentator Joe Mathews.

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Can the theatrical experience survive?

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A note from Evan Kleiman: After 11 full weeks of being told to stay home, the killing of George Floyd stirred Los Angeles to come outside in great numbers to walk in solidarity.

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Evan Kleiman's recipe involves poached chicken.

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Anthologist André Naffis-Sahely says he provided a historical perspective to The Heart of a Stranger: An Anthology of Exile Literature.

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