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Prenuptial agreements used to be for very wealthy men who wanted to protect their assets in case of divorce. But not any more.

Middle-Class Prenups

Prenuptial agreements used to be for very wealthy men who wanted to protect their assets in case of divorce. But not any more.

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From Richie Havens to Jimi Hendrix, photographer Henry Diltz recalls his favorite moments of the historic festival.

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Since March some 387 Boeing 737 Max jets have been grounded by regulators and airlines with no end in sight. Boeing profits have tanked. Last month the company recorded its biggest ever quarterly loss and deliveries are at their lowest since 2012. Boeing says it expects the plane to return to service by the end of this year, as it continues to focus on the plane’s software system, thought to be the cause of both plane crashes. Boeing’s crisis highlights a problem beyond flight safety. The aircraft manufacturer chose to prioritize big spending on CEO compensation and stock buybacks rather than reinvest profits on its employees, infrastructure and R and D. Last year alone, Boeing’s chief executive Dennis Muilenburg took home $30 in compensation and gains from options. Buybacks over investment; the financial strategy that’s great for shareholders but may well have cost Boeing the public’s trust.

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Julianne Moore joins us with her husband, writer-director Bart Freundlich, to talk about their careers and their new drama, ‘After the Wedding,’ the fourth film they’ve made together.

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A recent government study found that up to 70% of pork chops in supermarkets can contain drug-resistant bacteria.

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In its zeal to oppose President Trump at every turn, California risks becoming that the thing that it fears.

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Rock musician Cody Marks and her band have been playing at California prisons for more than a decade as part of the nonprofit Jail Guitar Doors, which offers music workshops as a form…

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Last November's Woolsey Fire burned down hundreds of homes in LA and Ventura counties.

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There’s a temptation with the big stories, say a Greek myth, to embrace the epic, larger-than-life quality. After all it’s a myth, right? Take playwright Sarah Ruhle’s “Eurydice”.

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Comedian David Alan Grier on the comedy of retirement in "The Cool Kids".

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