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The so-called "Parent Trigger" has failed again.

Will Parents Ever Be Able to Pull the "Trigger?"

The so-called "Parent Trigger" has failed again.

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Street racers have performed stunts, donuts, and burnouts on the 6th Street Viaduct, drawing the attention of the LAPD and national news outlets.

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A chilling account of one woman’s self-induced abortion sheds light on the history of Carmel. Joe Mathews says it undermines SCOTUS’ justification for ending Roe v. Wade.

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The redevelopment of the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts will more than double its size and is expected to show what decent public housing could be.

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Disney+ raises subscribers to 152 million, beating expectations, but they will charge $3 more per month for ad-free content.

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Scientists are checking LA sewage for coronavirus. As fewer people report test results, health officials say the data helps them see what’s next with the pandemic.

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Does the news really have to be all that bad, or does our addiction to catastrophe drive outlets to deliver what sells? How might today’s media be fixed?

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Laurie Leshin, JPL’s new director, wants to explore the far reaches of space, find evidence of life on Mars, and make the institution more inclusive.

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It turns out that much of what we’ve been told about antidepressants is wrong or misleading. The prevailing thinking has led to huge sales with little evidence of effectiveness.

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Rates of domestic violence have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The United Nations declared the rise as a “ shadow pandemic .”

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