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The so-called "Parent Trigger" has failed again.

Will Parents Ever Be Able to Pull the "Trigger?"

The so-called "Parent Trigger" has failed again.

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People across the country are stocking up on essential supplies to get through the next few weeks as cities shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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There’s been early denial and official inaction when it comes to both the coronavirus outbreak and climate change.  Can either crisis teach us about the other?

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Undocumented housekeepers are losing work due to the coronavirus outbreak. They don’t qualify for unemployment income and may not be eligible for government bailout.

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Dr. Michael Wilkes of UC Davis says his patients are worried about how their medical information might be used during this coronavirus pandemic.

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LAUSD is closing its schools starting March 16 for at least two weeks. Students are still expected to study and do homework. The district's meal program will continue.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly changing our lives.

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With newfound time on your hands during the COVID-19 outbreak, you may want to help those in need. We get some tips on how to do this while staying a safe six feet away.

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President Trump signs a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill at the end of a very dramatic week.

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Many retirement homes are on lockdown in an attempt to protect those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

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