Oliver Furth

Interior Designer; Chair, Decorative Arts and Design Council


Interior designer based in Los Angeles, California, and chair of the Decorative Arts and Design Council 

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What ascribes meaning to an object? We asked several people are in the business of making and selling “meaningful objects.”

Design Gifts Filled with Significance

What ascribes meaning to an object? We asked several people are in the business of making and selling “meaningful objects.”

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This is Rob Long, and on today’s Martini Shot I pretend I’m the kind of person who has never and would never buy vitamin supplements from Instagram, but sadly that is not true.

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Five years ago, a Palestinian teen was kidnapped off the streets in Jerusalem. He was beaten and burned alive.

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Jet aircraft, carrier task forces and tanks consume vast amounts of fossil fuel--while emitting vast amounts of greenhouse gases. The Pentagon’s carbon footprint is bigger than those of many entire nations. Now, it’s caught in the middle. It’s a massive contributor to climate change, which is threatening its mission worldwide. Seaports and airstrips are being flooded or burned out, and restoring operations costs many millions of dollars. Meantime, environmental damage is leading to instability and the prospect of international violence. Water shortages have increased tensions in the Middle East and caused new hostilities between India and Pakistan, two nuclear powers. Russia and China are taking advantage of changing conditions. Will politicians who scorn environmentalists and mistrust climate scientists listen to the warnings of military leaders?

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KCRW speaks with members of LA's Jewish community, plus Israeli and Palestinian expats about Tuesday's Israeli election.

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Indie rock band YACHT fed their entire back catalog into machines that analyzed their lyrics and melodies, then created songs for them.

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Santa Barbara is having a vigil tonight for the 34 people who died in the Conception diving boat fire. We look at the history of diving in the area.

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Malcolm Gladwell's latest book explores why people struggle to understand strangers, and the negative (and even tragic) consequences when we don’t.

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The competition was fierce. Taco Maria and Kernel of Truth returned in the corn category, their tortillas even better than last year.

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The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens was established 100 years ago. But Henry Huntington’s footprint was far bigger than that.

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