Peter Asaro

Assistant professor at the New School and Vice Chair of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control.


Dr. Peter Asaro is a philosopher of science, technology and media. His work examines artificial intelligence and robotics as a form of digital media, and the ways in which technology mediates social relations and shapes our experience of the world.

His current research focuses on the social, cultural, political, legal and ethical dimensions of military robotics and UAV drones, from a perspective that combines media theory with science and technology studies. He has written widely-cited papers on lethal robotics from the perspective of just war theory and human rights. Dr. Asaro's research also examines agency and autonomy, liability and punishment, and privacy and surveillance as it applies to consumer robots, industrial automation, smart buildings, and autonomous vehicles. His research has been published in international peer reviewed journals and edited volumes, and he is currently writing a book that interrogates the intersections between advanced robotics, and social and ethical issues.

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It may be old news here in Hollywood -- but the world’s scientists are now warning us about killer robots.

Warning: Killer Robots

It may be old news here in Hollywood -- but the world’s scientists are now warning us about killer robots.

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