Peter Reuter

University of Maryland


Professor at the School of Public Policy and Department of Criminology at the University of Maryland and a Senior Economist at RAND

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Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

Uruguay Opts Out of the War on Drugs

Marijuana use has been legal in Uruguay since 1974.

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N ew York is calling on health care workers from all over to come help with the flood of coronavirus patients.

It’s not enough, and it’s too late.

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He's back in the news.

Corrin Rankin wants to convert more Black Democrats into Republicans. She’s a board member on the president’s “Black Voices For Trump” re-election initiative.

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The Trump administration prepares to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, and the Democratic candidates had their most chaotic debate yet.

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Six states are holding primaries today: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington State, North Dakota. On this “Big Tuesday,” 352 delegates are up for grabs.

The White House has unveiled a $1 trillion stimulus package in response to COVID-19.

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One day ahead of California's primary, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren will hold a rally at East LA College. Sen.

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With many people staying at home due to coronavirus, our apartments and houses have become work spaces, classrooms, gyms.

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