Peter Richardson

author, 'A Bomb in Every Issue'


Lecturer at San Francisco State University, chair of the California Studies Association and author of A Bomb in Every Issue: How the Short Unruly Life of Ramparts Magazine Changed America

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California may be about to adopt its own version of a “right-to-die” law.

California's Right to Die Law on the Horizon

California may be about to adopt its own version of a “right-to-die” law.

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From the brand new podcast Appearances, by Sharon Mashihi, we bring you “Episode 04: Last Ditch Effort.”

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In California, more than 4.5 million voters have already returned their mail-in ballots. Over a third of those ballots are from voters ages 65 and up. According to Dr.

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The presidential election is November 3. With the COVID-19 pandemic, voters might be wondering whether it’s safer to vote by mail or in person. How do mail-in ballots work anyway?

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How do you hold a tortilla-tasting finale at home during a pandemic, when it’s usually in public and attracts thousands of attendees? Very deliciously.

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President Trump told Americans in late January that the government was ready for coronavirus. In an interview with CNBC, on the day Seattle recorded the first U.S.

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Attorney Ronald Goldfarb offers a scathing indictment of American law and lawyers in his new book, The Price of Justice .

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Dozens of immersive but socially distanced Halloween events have popped up across Southern California.

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President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are holding a final debate Thursday in Nashville, with Kristen Welker of NBC News moderating.

Behold Ask a Tortilla Tournament Judge, in which longtime KCRW nerd Gustavo Arellano takes your question about tortillas!

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