Phillip Frankland Lee

Chef and owner of Monarch

Chef and owner of Monarch.

Phillip Frankland Lee on KCRW

Montecito is bouncing back after a rough start to the year.

Salad of Salanova Lettuce at the Monarch in Montecito

Montecito is bouncing back after a rough start to the year.

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Over those three days, the sounds of police sirens, distant helicopters, bursting fireworks, and blasts of rubber bullets backdropped afternoons of cell phones buzzing with emergency…

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He did, apparently. Just not while posing for photographs.

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Santa Barbara has shut its main downtown road, State Street, to cars.

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Many people have been telecommuting for more than two months now. “I really need a lot of quiet. I'm either on the phone interviewing people or am quietly writing.

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On Wednesday, the city and county of LA were supposed to present a plan to shelter some 7000 homeless people living near overpasses and freeways.

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Some peaceful protests turned violent in LA and nationwide over the weekend. KCRW checks in with communities sweeping up the glass and debris.

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It’s time to talk about immunity again.

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Nearly 3,000 people have been arrested in LA County since Friday, tied to protests against the police killing of George Floyd.

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