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A party house with a dark past is getting new life as a party house with a purpose.

LA’s iconic Sowden House parties on, with new purpose

A party house with a dark past is getting new life as a party house with a purpose.

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A new screen version of "The Call of the Wild" is calling to us; it's the Jack London story of a California dog named buck who goes native in the Yukon of the Gold Rush days.

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The series marked Byrd’s first time music supervising a project.

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Did you ever have a nerdy friend in high school?

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Twelve jurors found Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein guilty on two counts: criminal sexual assault in the first degree and rape in the third degree.

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Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima’s digital installations are on view at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. “I'm very interested in this life and death dynamic.

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Just a few years ago, reality TV was in a major slump. Now the genre is experiencing a revival, thanks in part to innovative programs on Netflix.

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In 1979, master interviewer Lawrence Grobel's conversation with Marlon Brando changed the shape of the magazine celebrity profile.

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Parents are upset about new sex ed resources that the California legislature approved. Parents say they’re too graphic, too encouraging, and doesn’t focus on the consequences of sex.

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A discovery readers have been waiting for, more Silvina Ocampo finally translated into English:  The Promise and Forgotten Journey.

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