Randy Kluver

Executive director of Global Partnerships at Texas A&M.


Alan R. (Randy) Kluver is Executive Director of Global Partnerships and Projects (GPP), and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. As Executive Director of GPP, Dr. Kluver coordinates global institutional partnerships and university-wide internationalization initiatives.  To date, Dr. Kluver has been PI or co-PI on over $4 million for international research and educational grants and contracts. Dr. Kluver is the Principal Investigator for the Project GO ROTC, a Department of Defense project that has provided over $2 million dollars in scholarships for critical language study and study abroad programs for Texas A&M students.  In 2007, Dr. Kluver led the campus initiative to establish the Confucius Institute at Texas A&M, and served as the Director of the CI until 2012. 

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China is funding the study of Chinese language, history and literature at 90 American universities.

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