Robert Smith

Slippery Rock University


Former president of Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania (2002-2012)

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This seems to be the year of the commencement speaker controversy.

Commencement Speakers

This seems to be the year of the commencement speaker controversy.

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This week we remember the pioneering Creole chef Leah Chase. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Rick Bragg has written a loving ode to his mom’s Southern table.

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Abortion is legal under federal law, but Red State Republicans are making it hard for women to exercise their constitutional right to choose.

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A week after TV writer Liz Feldman lost a family member unexpectedly and found out her fertility treatment had failed again, she took a meeting with some producers, having been told…

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The federal government may have to stand trial for violating the rights of young people.

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America is politically polarized, and the US Supreme Court is also divided. In a few days, it will answer two questions. Will non-citizens be counted in the next census?

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High winds and heat in Northern California recently caused PG&E to shut off power to communities in the Sierra Foothills.

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Since 2010, Michelin did not give its coveted stars to any restaurants in Los Angeles (or Southern California for that matter). But this year, 24 restaurants in LA received stars.

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By messing with the largest and one of the highest functioning health care systems in the nation we are putting our vet’s health at risk.

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There’s been some interesting movement in the polls as the candidates parade through Iowa.

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