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East Asia Analyst for Freedom House, where she helps edit the China Media Bulletin

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The web was invented 25 years ago by a British physicist with a strong sense of Western values.

The Web at 25: Free Flow of Information or Censorship?

The web was invented 25 years ago by a British physicist with a strong sense of Western values.

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This week’s Democratic presidential debates will feature 20 candidates, five moderators and a lot commercials. Potential voters might not be able to learn as much as they want to.

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How’s President Trump’s legal strategy working out?

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra hit a milestone recently: He's now sued the Trump Administration more times than the Texas Attorney General sued the feds during Barack…

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Abortion is legal under federal law, but Red State Republicans are making it hard for women to exercise their constitutional right to choose.

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The biggest story of modern times is bad for audience ratings. To save money, news outlets are hiding the truth of environmental disaster.

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It was supposed to be infrastructure week for real this time.

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Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke says people cannot afford to live near where they work right now, so the country needs more federal funding for affordable housing, but it should…

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America is politically polarized, and the US Supreme Court is also divided. In a few days, it will answer two questions. Will non-citizens be counted in the next census?

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Jet aircraft contribute 2% of all greenhouse gases--raising challenging questions.  Is there a moral obligation to travel less? What are the alternatives to going by plane?

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