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Editor in Chief of the legal newspaper The Recorder and the website Cal Law, as well as the blog, Legal Pad

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Last May, the State Supreme Court declared that  same-sex marriage was legal  in California.

Supreme Court Hears Debate on Prop 8

Last May, the State Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage was legal in California.

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Barry Diller, who made his name as a powerful studio boss, recently told NPR that “the movie business is over.”

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Nury Martinez says she wants homeless encampments restricted in her district because her constituents, including immigrant, working-class families, can enjoy public spaces.

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KCRW speaks with Dr. Oliver T. Brooks, chief medical officer at Watts Healthcare, about how some medical workers are feeling about this new spike in cases.

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Coronavirus cases are rising in every state, fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant. In the last week, the U.S.

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Chuck Schumer unveiled a draft bill that would remove the plant from the federal list of controlled substances and expunge some federal cannabis-related criminal records.

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Sandy Duvall, who owns Sierra Health and Fitness in Sierra Madre, says she has been threatened over her business policy to mandate COVID vaccinations to her members.

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Josh Barro, Gustavo Arellano and Megan McArdle discuss the politics of investigating the January 6 insurrection, Congress’ big pile of homework, the delta variant and masks, and…

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More than a dozen children died in the last five years while in the custody of LA’s Department of Children and Family Services.

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Manufacturing jobs in California have migrated overseas in a race to the bottom on wages and regulations. It’s been happening for years.

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