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Novelist Lionel Shriver lives part of the year in Brooklyn and hates her LED streetlights.

"Ghoulish" LED Lights

Novelist Lionel Shriver lives part of the year in Brooklyn and hates her LED streetlights.

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Think of something you love. Something you’re really passionate about; something that, at least in your mind, can either be done right or really wrong. Maybe it’s a sport? Or a recipe?

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Due to Santa Ana winds, gusts in some parts of LA could top 60 mph. Power lines could fall down and spark fires.

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Almost a decade ago, Feras Fayyad was imprisoned and tortured by the Assad regime in Syria for filming anti-government protests. But after his release, he kept making documentaries.

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The science behind a recent report is not credible due to financial conflicts of interests by the funder.  Why were these conflicts not detected by the medical journal?

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With even more new streaming services launching in the months ahead, we talk with opinionated analyst Rich Greenfield about the transforming media landscape and the challenges facing…

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What’s the difference between a dramatic story and a play? That’s the question that nervously filled my mind with the first words of “How the light gets in” at Boston Court.

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This week, Disney Plus posted a super long Twitter thread listing all the content that'll come with its streaming service next month.

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The West Coast's only archive dedicated to lesbian history is tucked away in an unsuspecting building in West Hollywood.

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Hollywood has been chasing Chinese money for years, and to do so, studios have been self-censoring themselves so that their movies can be played in the Communist country.

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