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President of Shamrock Holdings, Roy Disney's private investment company, and council to Gang, Tyre, Raymer, and Brown, an entertainment law firm

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The  Peking to Paris auto rally  started in 1907, before English speakers learned to say "Beijing."

The Beijing to Paris Rally

The Peking to Paris auto rally started in 1907, before English speakers learned to say "Beijing."

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A doctor from San Bernardino County explains how he’s handling another COVID surge as the Omicron variant spreads, and how he talks to vaccine skeptics.

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California is losing its leadership position in the effort to mitigate climate change, and politics and other disasters may be to blame, according to a state lawmaker.

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Joseph Carson has spent most of his career as a federal employee challenging everything from the country’s nuclear weapons program to its whistleblower adjudication infrastructure.

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The so-called king tide shows what high tides will look like as sea level continues to rise.

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After a decade of struggle, Koreatown has been united into a single district, thanks to a multigenerational, multicultural coalition that convinced the LA City Council to make the…

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Amid the winter COVID surge, Long Beach, Alhambra, and Burbank districts resumed classes on Monday, and LA public schools will restart next Tuesday.

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LAUSD requires students and staff to submit a COVID test before returning to school on Tuesday. More than 60,000 have tested positive, and that has parents worried.

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently sent his staff a memo outlining three “strategic pillars” that will “set the stage” for the company’s future. What do they really mean?

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