Stephanie Guyer-Stevens

Independent Producer

Stephanie started Outer Voices in 2003 as a response to her experiences working as an activist in the U.S. She is a writer and organizer with nearly two decades’ experience in non-profit work, specializing in women’s, health, environmental, and sustainability issues. The founder of Women’s Health Education Project in New York City, she has also served as a consultant to various other non-profit organizations. Her writing and editorial work include publication in the Village Voice, Downtown, and Whole Earth. In book publishing, she was developmental editor forI Opened the Gates Laughing by Mayumi Oda (Chronicle, 2001).

Stephanie Guyer-Stevens on KCRW

To the nomads of of the Tibetan Plateau, change is part of life and if you’ve got a yak, you’ve got everything you need.

The Winter Camp

To the nomads of of the Tibetan Plateau, change is part of life and if you’ve got a yak, you’ve got everything you need.

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