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The 86th Academy Awards are March 2nd.

The Geopolitics of Foreign Film Oscars

The 86th Academy Awards are March 2nd.

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Oscars' 'Lousy Foreign Film Policy;' YouTube Film Festival

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Which Way, Studios?

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‘WandaVision’ Executive Producer Jac Schaeffer on the storytelling possibilities of the sitcom

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The pandemic has altered streetscapes all across Southern California. In the San Fernando Valley, there is perhaps no better example of this than Van Nuys Boulevard.

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Versus films are a genre unto themselves. Now we have "Godzilla vs. Kong," an addition to the genre that isn't proud so much as inevitable. Or unavoidable.

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In "Nobody," the star of "Better Call Saul" plays a placid suburbanite who discovers the pleasures of revenge.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is worried about the Oscars telecast, and they have every right to be.

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On this Cesar Chavez Day, Press Play revisits some of our favorite interviews with filmmakers from the year so far.

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KCRW checks in with artist Doug Aiken , who spoke with host Larry Perel near the start of the pandemic a year ago. The focus was making art during a time of uncertainty and reflection.

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Writer-director Oliver Hermanus discusses his new film and the complex history of his native South Africa on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence.”

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On the road to Grammy recognition, today’s top artists often find themselves stopping by KCRW — whether that’s to perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic, dig into their work on Press Play…

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