Stephen Katsaros

CEO and Founder of Nokero, a firm that sells solar light bulbs in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania among other African countries


Nokero inventor Stephen Katsaros’ career is centered around innovation—ranging from product development to intellectual property. These activities have enabled Stephen to license inventions to sports companies (such as Dynastar Skis, K2, HaberVision, etc.) and build a transportation product company (RevoPower — a motorized wheel for bicycles that gets 200 MPG at 20 MPH). He enjoys developing products and making dreams into reality. Stephen earned a Bachelors of Science Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from Purdue University in 1996 and was a non-degree seeking student at the Bard Center of Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado from 1998-1999. As a recognized leader in innovation, Stephen received a B.F. Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Award in 1995. He is a patent agent registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which has issued several patents for his inventions. Prior Press Coverage includes the Wall Street Journal, Denver Post, C-Spann, Popular Science, Gizmodo, Engadget, T3,, Discovery, and CNN.

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What does it mean to actually do business in Africa? Stephen Katsaros is the founder of a company called Nokero, as in “No Kerosene”.

Doing Business in Africa

What does it mean to actually do business in Africa? Stephen Katsaros is the founder of a company called Nokero, as in “No Kerosene”.

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