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Senior Policy Advisor at Shelter Partnership.

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President Donald Trump released his budget blueprint today.

How Trump's budget affects housing and the environment in California

President Donald Trump released his budget blueprint today.

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While a dispute between China and the US means tariffs and perhaps fewer imports, there’s another potential jobs killer at the Port of LA: automation.

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Uber and Lyft drivers around the world are on strike, protesting low wages and no benefits. They’re also urging riders to boycott the apps for the day.

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President Trump on Friday falsely asserted that China will pay the tariffs he slapped on Chinese goods coming into America.

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We visit a job fair in South LA set up for transgender people who often face unemployment and workplace discrimination and harassment.

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The super bloom this year has given spectators in Southern California quite the wild flower show. The hills alongside LA’s freeways are carpeted with bright yellows and oranges.

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The “world’s best green journalist” says it may be too late to save the planet, but that doesn’t seem to keep tech barons and the rest of the uber-rich up at night.

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It was supposed to be infrastructure week for real this time.

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How’s President Trump’s legal strategy working out?

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Partisanship is more powerful than science, even for conservative environmentalists. They don’t buy warnings about an existential crisis.

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