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Lawyer, author, and freelance journalist writing on legal policy issues; nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution

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Federal law says marijuana's more dangerous than cocaine — as bad as heroin.

The Federal Dilemma over States Rights and Marijuana

Federal law says marijuana's more dangerous than cocaine — as bad as heroin.

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Attorney General William Barr released the highly anticipated Mueller report this morning.

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Presidential candidate and US Senator Kamala Harris stopped in Los Angeles on Sunday to speak at Southwest College in South LA.

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It’s invisible in some places, but dirty air kills millions of people all over the world. That’s even true in America, despite the Clean Air Act and California’s Air Resources Board.

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After finding herself abandoned by society after leaving prison, Susan Burton became the aid she and so many others in her position needed.

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Joe Biden is in.

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Congress is investigating misconduct alleged by the Mueller report. White House lawyers are rejecting every subpoena.

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The great majority of Israel’s problems would be solved if the nation were able to establish lasting peace with its neighbors, says journalist and filmmaker Mariam Shahin.

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Ken joined Josh Barro on this week's Left, Right & Center episode to discuss the Mueller report with Rich Lowry and Christine Emba

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Big Tech is a benefit to the modern world. But unlimited data collection may lead to unlimited power.

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