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Negotiations are back on between the teachers and LAUSD. We look at what they should be talking about with an education consultant who’s seen both sides.

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Writer Chris McGreal and host Robert Scheer zero in on the book   American Overdose: The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts   in this week’s episode of Scheer Intelligence. McGreal, the…

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Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador has forged a special connection to Angelenos and Mexican-Americans.

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PG&E was found responsible for starting many of the fires that hit California these past few years. The utility faces billions of dollars in potential liabilities.

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The Green New Deal targets climate change--but that’s not all.

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There are so many Democrats wanting to be president in 2020. Cory Booker is the latest to announce.

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Some newly elected Democrats want Trump to face impeachment.  But veterans like Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff are calling for patience.

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Ambassador Wendy Sherman admits she “lost it,” and broke down in “tears of anger and frustration” as lead negotiator for the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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Listen to America change… one person at a time. For these six people, the politics of the Trump era have changed everyday life.

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