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Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and author of Special Interest: Teachers Unions and America’s Public Schools

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The fight over education reform went to court today in Los Angeles.

Rights of Teachers and Students: Can a Judge Find Balance?

The fight over education reform went to court today in Los Angeles.

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The shooting at a synagogue in San Diego County has led places of worship to lock doors, hire guards and install metal detectors.

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People in Venezuela are struggling to get food, water, and medicine, and power is intermittent.

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Will President Trump’s new strategy serve his goals?

Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is running for the Democratic nomination for president.

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Robert Mueller’s letter to Attorney General Barr raises questions about Barr’s summary of the Mueller report and Rod Rosenstein resigns praising President Trump’s courtesy and humor.

Attorney General William Barr testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

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Partisanship is more powerful than science, even for conservative environmentalists. They don’t buy warnings about an existential crisis.

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Plains All American and DCOR face court decisions for business in the Santa Barbara Channel. A new program at UCSB hopes to encourage more students to study the humanities.

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