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Tim Burton: Frankenweenie

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Tim Burton: The Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Tim Burton: Big Fish

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This is Rob Long, and on today’s Martini Shot I try to teach a writing class and fail to properly refuse the call, mirror the resolution, or find the pinch point.

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This week, you can: experience 1976 Dogtown; explore multiple layers of Chinese material art; see how a Japanese artist-builder made the imaginary real; discuss Southern California…

LA’s City Council voted on Tuesday to renew rules that restrict where people living in their vehicles may park. Community activists say these rules criminalize homelessness.

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Comedian David Alan Grier on the comedy of retirement in "The Cool Kids".

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From the archives, a highly resonate conversation with Toni Morrison about transfiguring love, as portrayed in her novel  Beloved .

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When filmmaker Lulu Wang set out to write and direct a personal movie based on a real-life family saga, she had a clear vision for an American film, largely set in China, mostly in…

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Literary legends Captain Ahab and Captain Nemo are pitted against each other by real life engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel in Howard Rodman’s  The Great Eastern.

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When Gurinder Chadha set out to make a movie based on journalist Sarfraz Manzoor’s memoir about the effect of Bruce Springsteen music on his life, she had one small problem.

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A remarkable documentary called "Aquarela" is about water--really and truly about water and its effect on the planet.

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