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William Ramirez is the director of the ACLU in Puerto Rico and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Inter-American University School of Law.

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The official death count in Puerto Rico attributed to Hurricane Maria is 64 people.

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still struggling

The official death count in Puerto Rico attributed to Hurricane Maria is 64 people.

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People in Venezuela are struggling to get food, water, and medicine, and power is intermittent.

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It’s a special live Left, Right & Center recorded at UC Santa Barbara.

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“The Terminator,” “Blade Runner,” and “Her” all center around a future of humans and machines living together. But that’s actually happening right now. The A.I.

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The final episode of “Game of Thrones” aired Sunday after eight seasons. Its main theme song, “A Song of Fire and Ice,” has become iconic and recognizable among millions of fans.

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As it celebrates its 100 th birthday, UCLA can take pride in being the most important institute of higher education in the state.

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Plains All American and DCOR face court decisions for business in the Santa Barbara Channel. A new program at UCSB hopes to encourage more students to study the humanities.

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President Trump has invited Iran to “pick up the phone and call” him. He’s also threatened the “end” of that country. It’s the latest act  in a long international drama.

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This week, we moved a lot closer to a court challenge that could significantly reduce or eliminate constitutional protections for abortion rights.

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How did a diner on Wilshire by LACMA become the filming location for ‘The Big Lebowski’ and now a hub for progressive political groups, like the Bernie Sanders’ campaign?

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