Since 1934, Los Angeles' favorite place to meet, greet and eat

Clock tower at the Original Farmers Market. Photo courtesy of The Original Farmers Market.

The Original Farmers Market in the Fairfax District has been Los Angeles’ favorite gathering place since 1934. Nearly 100 grocers, retailers and restaurants make up an open-air collection of independent merchants, all captured in time and watched over by the iconic Clock Tower. For over 87 years, the Market has remained a beloved destination for locals and stands as one of the top tourist destinations in Los Angeles. 

The Original Farmers Market's history is rich. It all began when 18 pickup trucks drove onto a large vacant lot at Third & Fairfax to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to families in the growing L.A. community. The concept was an immediate success and the traditions established then remain at the heart of the Market today. Skilled, knowledgeable butchers, exquisite poultry shops, artisan bakers, locally-grown produce offerings, a tantalizing fish shop, a gourmet grocery store with an exceptional wine cellar, exotic spices and handmade ice cream and confections are all part of today’s Market. Most are family-run businesses serving up smiles alongside their delectable dishes. No wonder the Market holds a special place in Angelenos’ hearts. 

Photo courtesy of The Original Farmers Market.

L.A.’s authentic “foodie” haven also serves decades-old family recipes from many restaurants and eateries, such as Magee’s famous corned beef and Du-par’s “to-die-for” pancakes. New merchants are carefully chosen to fit the Market’s entrepreneurial, small-business atmosphere. Examples include the Kashi sisters, owners of Zia Valentina, now famous for its signature espresso shot served in a decadent waffle cone, and Eddy Ekmekgian, second generation owner and baker of Nonna’s Empanadas known for their innovative sweet and savory handheld pies. 

Huntington Family - Huntington Meats & Sausage;
Photo courtesy of The Original Farmers Market

The Market also hosts family-friendly celebrations several times throughout the year including this season's "Fall Festival”, featuring live entertainment, food, crafts and family fun from October 22nd through the 24th. 

The Original Farmers Market holds a unique place in Los Angeles history & culture. Over the decades, the Market has grown and changed with the city around it. Feeding generations of locals, while offering a relaxed spot for the community to gather, The Original Farmers Market has truly been L.A.’s favorite gathering place since 1934.