Why kids need healthcare from pediatric experts

Children's Hospital of Orange County's (CHOC) team is specially trained to treat the complex medical needs of children. Its equipment is calibrated for pediatric patients, from newborns to young adults. Robust research and innovation efforts search for discoveries to advance pediatric healthcare. CHOC’s centers of excellence provide highly specialized treatments and services for a broad range of illnesses and injuries. Support staff help families navigate the healthcare system and child life specialists help normalize the hospital environment.

Whether in one of its hospitals or clinics, CHOC employs a multidisciplinary, team-centered approach guided by the principle of family-centered care. This means that the parent and patient are front and center among the care team, with dignity and respect, information sharing, collaboration and participation serving as central tenets.

CHOC is committed to this core truth: Illness or injury shouldn’t put childhood on pause. That’s why staff works tirelessly to ensure children of all ages have their best chance for a happy, healthy childhood. These efforts include injury prevention education and outreach; regular well-checks and immunizations in our primary care offices; and the highest quality specialty and subspecialty care when needed.

And when patients are sick or injured, the CHOC team ensures kids still feel like kids. That’s why our leading-edge facilities are designed to be family friendly with distractions like bubbles and murals with hidden images of Choco Bear – our beloved mascot – abound. Events like an annual ball for oncology patients ensures these teens don’t miss out on important rites of passages like prom. And when a patient needs a little extra motivation, a visit from one of CHOC’s two resident dogs might just do the trick.

CHOC is also committed to providing the right care in the right place. Thus, the healthcare system is anchored by two hospitals. CHOC’s primary care network spans more than 20 offices throughout Orange County and beyond. Eight urgent care locations in Orange County and beyond offer after-hours care and peace of mind when the pediatrician’s office is closed.

But no matter your location, CHOC knows you are the ultimate protector of your child’s health. That’s why we partner with you to help you keep them healthy every step of the way.