Help us meet a $50,000 challenge grant from anonymous KCRW Champions. Donate by midnight tonight!

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Hi there,

These are the final hours of KCRW’s Drive to the Future and we need you to respond today.

This last year, some days the news was hard to listen to. The world has changed. And so have you. The loss, stress, and uncertainty — it was really difficult. 

And now we are facing hope for our future. 

If KCRW helped you get through the height of the pandemic and national unrest … if KCRW was the soundtrack to your life and much-needed company when you were feeling alone … if you’ll be taking KCRW with you back out into the world …  

You trusted KCRW through a really hard time. Now, we need you. Your support today means we’ll be here tomorrow.

Become a member at $20 monthly RIGHT NOW to keep us going. We need your help to meet an ambitious $50,000 challenge grant from anonymous KCRW Champions. Don’t let this opportunity pass us by. 

Thank you,

Jennifer Ferro
KCRW President

P.S. Plus, this is your last chance to have a portion of your donation support the work of Heart of Los Angeles, which empowers underserved youth to develop their potential and strengthen their communities with free, exceptional programs in academics, arts, and athletics.