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Hello, fellow traveler!

We have been through a lot together. And we’re still here. A bit battered, but still here. 

When I think about this last year or so, it’s kind of a miracle that our radio station kept going and kept going strong. Even if I didn’t work here, I’d marvel. But I saw from the inside what it took. 

The audio engineers who worked non-stop to connect those of us who worked from home to the station. The reporters, producers, and editors who worked overtime to bring us stories about our community and our world — information we desperately needed in a scary, isolating time. And, of course, the music. The DJs who lifted our souls, reminding us of what makes us human.

These people are KCRW’s frontline workers.

We’re emerging now and plotting our paths forward — how to keep some of the good things from this experience as we leave behind the bad. One of the good things: we were reminded that we are stronger together. That radical individualism doesn’t work. That we humans need to stick together if we’re going to make it, caring for each other and supporting each other. 

And that is the essence of public radio and of KCRW. We are in it together. We’ve always had that partnership. And we need to strengthen it now. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of our Drive to the Future, and I’m asking you to give TODAY. 

Become a member at $20 monthly, or any amount that makes sense for you, and your dollars will be doubled up to $50,000, thanks to the generosity of anonymous KCRW Champions. We need your help to meet this ambitious challenge grant and unlock critical funds for KCRW. Plus, a portion of every donation made will go on to support Heart of Los Angeles and their work uplifting underserved youth in Los Angeles.

Do it for KCRW’s frontline workers, for our community, and for yourself.

With gratitude,

Madeleine Brand
Host of Press Play

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