Good Food’s Evan Kleiman is Woman of the Year!

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Congratulations to our own Evan Kleiman!

Assemblyman Mike Gatto Honors Food Icon, Evan Kleiman, as Woman of the Year

Sacramento Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D – Los Angeles) and the California Legislative Women’s Caucus honored Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW’s Good Food program, today during the Woman of the Year Awards Ceremony at the State Capitol.  The awards ceremony commemorates women who have made a great contribution to California.

Assemblyman Gatto nominated Evan Kleiman, a Silver Lake native, for her accomplishments in the Los Angeles food scene.  Besides being known for her radio show, Kleiman is also a chef, restaurateur, and the author of eight Italian food books.  She has been at the forefront on the issues of food policy and agro-ecology, and serves on the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.  Evan has also been active in the cottage-foods movement.

“Evan has done well for our community through her commitment to food sustainability,” said Gatto.  “And, of course, I can always appreciate a good Italian chef.”

Kleiman has been credited with raising awareness of Los Angeles’s need to source products from sustainable food systems, which includes freeing the economy from foods that are dependent on foreign oil, destroy the soil, and have detrimental health impacts.  She founded the Los Angeles chapter of the slow-food movement almost a decade ago, and was active for many years on the “Roots of Change” Stewardship Council.

“What an honor to receive recognition from Assemblyman Gatto!  It’s especially meaningful given that the uniquely diverse community of Silver Lake allowed me to grow up aware of a world of people and tastes beyond those in my own home,” said Kleiman.  “I’m a product of the neighborhood. The values learned at Franklin Avenue Elementary, Thomas Starr King Jr. High, and Marshall High School have guided me all my life.  Be curious and taste the world,” added Kleiman.

Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Utilities & Commerce Committee and the longest-serving current member of the State Assembly.  He represents California’s 43rd Assembly District, which includes Los Angeles, Glendale and Burbank.  

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