Introducing Matt’s Movies Blog

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The movie business is as entertaining as the movies themselves, and you’ll hear about them both on the Matt’s Movies Blog.

It all started with Matt’s Movies, the screening series for members of 89.9 KCRW, NPR’s Southern California flagship station.  Curated by Matt Holzman, the series features the best of foreign, indie and smaller films before they come out in theaters.   He sees an awful lot of movies – some of them pretty obscure movies – but only a few are selected for Matt’s Movies.  So he’d thought he’d share about other worthwhile films here.

Matt is also the producer of The Business, public radio’s program about the business of show business and was previously a commentator on The Business Brief.  Since he’s knee deep in the business, he’ll also share some of that craziness – when it doesn’t seem legally or physically dangerous.

Early on, Matt’s dad exposed him to great (if inappropriately mature) films like “2001,” “Rashoman” and “Bananas.”  Ben Holzman, an elementary school principal who should have known better, was a lover of film in all shapes and sizes, and helped run an art theater in Long Beach, CA for a time.
Matt is also an arts and culture reporter and has contributed stories about art and culture to PRI’S Studio 360 and more general pieces to Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Marketplace.

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