KCRW Joins 170 Million Americans

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Public broadcasting will once again be under attack when Congress reconvenes next month, but KCRW is committed to protecting public radio and television.  Here are a few reasons why:

•     170 million Americans connect through 368 public television stations, 934 public radio stations, hundreds of online services, and in-person events and activities.

•    Public broadcasting supports lifelong learning for all Americans. Investments in children’s educational, cultural, public affairs and news programming, digital classroom resources, teacher training, and distance learning have made public broadcasting a leader in lifelong learning.

•    Public broadcasting is one of the most effective public/private partnerships in America. Annual federal funding amounts to only $1.35 per American and is leveraged by local stations to raise six times that amount from other sources.

•    Public broadcasting strengthens our democracy. The free flow of ideas and debate helps us participate in the political process as informed citizens.

Over the years, I have heard countless people say, “I don’t know what I would do without KCRW.”  Well, let’s not even come close to finding out.  I encourage you to become a part of a network of members, listeners and others who value a strong public media as a source of non-partisan news, local cultural programming and non-commercial educational programs.

Simply go to 170MillionAmericans.org and register your support as part of the 170 million Americans who watch, listen to or use public media each month.

In case you’re wondering, federal funding amounts to roughly 9% of our annual revenue, nearly $1.4 million. Losing this crucial source of general operating support would be a blow to KCRW.  We’ve joined this campaign because we take the threat to public media very seriously.  By the way, no government funding sources will be used in this effort.

Sign up at 170MillionAmericans.org now and GO TEAM!!