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When LA food critic Jonathan Gold died in 2018, I was on vacation in New Orleans with a group of friends. I was far from Los Angeles, but I immediately knew I could tune in to KCRW online and feel a little bit closer to my hometown as the entire city mourned the loss of a friend. 

I’ve turned to KCRW so many times since then — for everything from listening to handpicked tunes, to making sense of local and national news. 

Now, I’m a reporter with KCRW thanks to the Report LA Fellowship. Since joining the news team, I’ve been able to get to know the reporters I look up to and rely on. They’re people like you and me. They care about bringing you the stories that you need to know just like I do. As a Latina with Oaxacan roots, I want to pass the mic to communities like mine that are often overlooked, and I want to see more faces like mine in the newsroom. 

Through the fellowship, I hope to explore stories within my local community and the stories of so many other people who call LA home. By supporting KCRW with a $20 monthly donation, you’re supporting all of that and KCRW’s journalism, music programming, and events in many communities across Southern California. Renew today and your donation will have twice the impact when it’s matched by KCRW Champion Enid Koffler. 

There’s always a story to tell and I would love to have the chance to be the one to tell them. With your help, I can. And for that, I am grateful to you, the public of public media. 

Thank you,

Andrea Bautista
KCRW Report LA Fellow