Our Resident Fashionista

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Now I’m not saying we here at KCRW are all lacking in the looks department (have you seen our GM?!), but there is a reason we work in radio — mainly so we don’t have to “dress up” if we don’t want to.  Rumor has it that one of our AM news guys once had to be told to stop rolling in in pajamas!

Yes, we can save a ton on clothes around here, but there is one person who dresses up for the rest of us…all the time!  She is Daphne Bach from our web department, and for her, everyday is an opportunity to be fabulous.  Why not?  Life is short.  The coolest thing about Daphne’s outfits is that she often makes them herself.  Really makes them.  Like with glue, needles, thread, feathers, the whole shebang.  Check out her hat!  It’s a Daphne original (go to daphnebach.com to get your own).

Thank you Daphne for reminding me that just because we are deep in a basement, rarely going out for sunlight, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t throw on a little lipstick to feel a tad girlier!

— Connie