Profile of Laura Shumate, KCRW’s Drive Director

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Laura Shumate…where to begin?  Laura is intense. She is intense when she laughs, intense when she’s passionate about something, intensely funny, she even has intense, black-rimmed glasses to go with her intense, dark curls. She’s also VERY busy. Especially now at drive time. This is when her intensity reaches its apex. Come drive time, the force that is Laura will flatten you against the wall if you happen to be passing her in the hallway. She is on a singular mission, and that is to make sure the pledge drive goes smoothly and you better not stand in her way! Here is a picture of Laura in action:

Laura in the pledge drive control room.

Notice she is a blur.  She will remain a blur until the drive is over.  We dare you to try and photograph her otherwise.  In the meantime, we want to thank Laura and her crew for working tirelessly to help KCRW raise money.  Thanks Laura!

P.S.  Check out Laura’s 5 Things I Love About the KCRW Subscription Drive.  Yes, she does love it.