SwipeGood for KCRW

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Brother can you spare a dime?  Why, yes you can!  Here’s how:

KCRW has partnered with SwipeGood, the company that maximizes your loose change for charity.  All you have to do is go to their site, sign up your card, round up your purchases, and donate the change to KCRW.  How good will it feel to go about your holiday shopping knowing that you’re spreading the joy of quality, intelligent programming?  I can tell you it feels great – like you have a warm halo over your head.

I wish this SwipeGood option had existed when Ira Glass did his pledge drive/donation show.  He interviewed a person at a coffee shop (who was in the process an expensive coffee instead of pledging) who said they’d donate more often if it were totally effortless, if they didn’t even feel it happening.  Well, here is that person’s chance!  Was it you??