Tell Us Your Fringe Benefits Story ON AIR!

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Hi KCRW Members!
Do you have a Fringe Benefits card story that you would be willing to share?  Do you save a ton with your card?  Perhaps you’ve found a new place that’s become one of your favorites because of the FB app?  Has the card helped you make ends meet in these tough time?
Tell us your story in under a minute: say your name and be specific…do the math!  We may use it on the air during the drive to convince other listeners to subscribe and get their card!
Check out Matt Holzman’s example audio
Matt’s Fringe Benefits Perks by KCRW
We encourage you to use your computer or your mobile device to record your audio. You can submit it to KCRW by emailing directly from your smart phone to…. OR, you can actually use the built in mic on your computer – and record directly into our Soundcloud dropbox. Just click here and look for the RECORD button: can’t wait to hear from you!!